Philosophy of Education

The statement, “Shaping Tomorrow’s Christian Leaders Today” is our guiding principle that tells you our heartbeat educationally.  Byne Christian School is a traditional Christian school with an eye to the future and how it will impact our students.  It is our desire to partner with parents in the educational process of their child.

We want to serve as many like-minded parents in our community as possible. To that end, we endeavor to keep our fees affordable and yet still provide a quality academic program. We also communicate our philosophy freely to advise parents of the type of environment we are striving to provide for their child.

Because we believe it is our responsibility to provide a safe-haven in a Christian school setting for children, we are selective in our student acceptance.  Students that have been expelled from their previous school or have serious discipline issues will not be admitted to BCS.  Though we are selective about students that we accept, we are not trying to become elitists.  Once a child is deemed acceptable in disciplinary expectation, then the second criteria will be a student evaluation to determine that we meet the child’s educational needs.  Once it is determined that we can serve the child, he or she will be accepted to BCS.  All new students are accepted on a nine weeks probationary status.

Application Process

  • Interested parents contact the school
  • Interview with the Headmaster is conducted
  • Parent signs records release form for student records
  • Interview with the financial assistant
  • Once student records are received, school decides acceptance status
  • The office will schedule an academic evaluation of the student.
  • Parents of secondary students will meet with the Guidance Counselor
  • Placement will be made of the student based upon this evaluation. Secondary students will be placed based upon credits earned as well.
  • Parents submit a student application form
  • The parent pays necessary fees and submits necessary forms:
  • Parent signs a BCS Enrollment Contract
  • BCS admits students regardless of race, color, or ethnic origin.

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