Job Opportunities

Interested parties should contact the school office at 229.436.0173 or email


PRINCIPLE FUNCTION:  The Teacher for Byne Christian School will have full responsibility in planning and carrying out a teaching program in keeping with the school’s policies.


  • A teacher at Byne should live a life that sets an example of and witness to the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • A teacher should seek to be godly in his/her daily approach to life.  Following the Biblical exhortation of Colossians 3:17, a teacher should commit his/her personal affairs to the Lord, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and establish a relationship with the Lord that would set an example before his/her students on and off the campus.
  • In the matter of personal discipline, a teacher should yield his/her lifestyle to things that honor God.  The teacher should be a student of the Word of God and submit to the will of God.  He/She should be a person of prayer, integrity and strong character.  The teacher should avoid even the appearance of things that would lessen his/her witness and injure his/her testimony.
  • Without question, a teacher should have a sincere love for children and his/her students, in particular.  Because of that love, he/she should pray for them and lead them, as often as opportunity is presented, to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The teacher should love his/her students where they are and help them to become all that God intends for them to be.  He/She should not be partial or prejudiced.  The teacher should seek godly wisdom in helping each of his/her students by building confidence and self-esteem in each of them.  In every way possible, the teacher should impress upon each of his/her students that each one is created in God’s image and special in God’s sight.
  • A teacher should be prepared to teach every day.  The teacher should sense a true calling of God in his/her work.  Teachers should glean information from their peers’ innovative ways to present their lessons with clarity and enthusiasm.  A teacher must love to teach and devote much time in preparing the lessons for his/her students.

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