Striving for Excellence

A key point in our core values is “Strive for Excellence.” We at Byne Christian School are invested in the pursuit of excellence. Byne Christian School is accredited by the Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS).  Our teachers are certified by this same agency.

All academics are taught with the foundational belief that “all truth is God’s truth.”  Promoting education with a Christian worldview is our passion. If you want your child in this type of educational environment,  you should seriously consider Byne Christian School.

Trivium Model of Classical Education

As Byne Christian School has adopted the trivium model (grammar, dialectic/logic, and rhetoric stages) of Classical Education; our goal is that our students would be even more firmly equipped to analyze and discern right from wrong with a clear Biblical worldview.

Grammar Stage- Memorization

During the Grammar stage, children are adept at memorization. Young children learn songs, rhymes, and recite facts with relative ease. Because young children are so eager to memorize, the Trivium – Grammar challenges them by providing substantive subject matter for them to memorize. Children learn the factual foundation of each subject using songs, chants, rhymes, drills, and games.

Dialectic/Logic Stage- Argument

During the middle school years, children begin to think independently and may develop a propensity for argument. Through guided research, writing, and debates, the Trivium – Logic teaches students to think and analyze critically and to argue well by arranging facts into organized statements and arguments. The study of formal logic also helps students understand the fundamentals of a good argument.

Rhetoric Stage- Analysis and Expression

Rhetoric is the art of communicating well. Once a student has obtained knowledge of the facts (grammar) and developed the skills necessary to arrange those facts into organized arguments (logic), the student develops the skill of effectively communicating those arguments to others (rhetoric).

Through guided research and numerous papers, speeches, and debates, the Trivium – Rhetoric teaches students to not only clearly and effectively articulate concepts to others but also to persuade with sound reasoning.

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Accredited Academic Institution

  • Byne Christian School is accredited by the Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS).
  • BCS is a member of the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) and Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) for accountability, training, and resources.
  • All BCS graduates earn a college preparatory degree and are eligible to qualify for the HOPE or Zell Miller scholarships.
  • Academics are rigorous and designed to create a challenging environment for promoting academic and spiritual growth.