Headmaster & Director

Headmaster Cory Wise

Before coming as the Interim Headmaster in 2018, Mr. Wise started his relationship with Byne Christian School (BCS) through coaching. Mr. Wise coached the boys soccer team from 2011-2012, and was the assistant baseball coach during this time as well. The soccer team was later turned over to his son, Michael Wise, while Cory was busy with starting and directing Veritas Classical Schools of Southwest Georgia. Veritas, a University Model Classical Christian School, partnered with homeschoolers in the education process.

Cory and Nichole have been blessed with four children, Michael (married to Moriah), Jordan (married to Amber), Andrew (married to Abby), and Sophia. They have four grandchildren, and two grandchildren-in-love. The Wise’s homeschooled for many years, and have viewed education as discipleship…training up a child in the way they should go.

“Since starting my role as the Interim Headmaster, I have been continually reminded that He is made strong in our weaknesses. I am excited about working with a team who desires to work with God and one another to bring excellence in the areas of character, academics, and community at BCS.”

Cory is also the pastor of LifeGate Church, and has 26 years of active ministry experience.

2-Day Director Amy Haynes

Before joining the Byne Christian School staff in 2021, Mrs. Haynes was well acquainted with Cory and Niki Wise through the classical Christian homeschool community. She homeschooled her children, Sadie and Caleb, for eleven years using classical Christian pedagogy. Both of her children took advantage of the a la carte offerings of BCS in 2020, with Sadie attending drama classes and Caleb attending humanities classes. Almost weekly, Caleb would ask his parents to join Byne full time. Finally, after the Christmas break, he became a five-day, full time, BCS student. His love of the school inspired Mrs. Haynes to volunteer to teach visual art to Caleb and his classmates. During one of her visits, Mr. Wise shared his vision of Byne Christian School becoming more accessible to the families in the community by offering a two-day university model in addition to the five-day program. This began a series of meetings, prayers, and conversations in which the Lord continued to build excitement about the possibilities ahead for Byne. With record speed, she and Mr. Wise committed to planning the two-day program in late spring of 2021 and quickly launched enrollment for fall of 2021.

Mrs. Haynes has worked for twelve years in youth ministry with her husband, Bryan, who is the pastor to students at Gillionville Baptist Church. She has been burdened to see young people know and grow in the love and joy of the Lord beyond the limited number of hours they gather at church, and realized being a part of the development of the two-day program was a tremendous discipleship opportunity. She believes the two-day model is a perfect fit for many in our community. It is ideal for people who desire the quality time homeschooling provides but who also want an excellent education with accountability and programming access.

“It has been amazing to see the Lord open doors and make the path straight for beginning this new educational opportunity. There is an energy among the staff, students and parents in knowing we are pioneers reimagining classical Christian education at Byne Christian School. We are in an awesome building & growing phase, continually learning and being inspired as God leads us to train students to know, honor, and worship Him in all aspects of life, and to see His handiwork in every subject taught.”

Mrs. Haynes directs the two-day program and continues to teach visual art to logic and rhetoric level students, believing fine arts education is an essential part of honoring the truth, goodness, and beauty of our Creator.